Need help picking out my mobo/cpu upgrade


Dec 14, 2008
I currently have a HP m7747c that comes with a P5LP-LE motherboard and a E6400 core 2 duo 2.13ghz processor. I've been looking on pricewatch and newegg, and I've pretty much narrowed it down to an E8400 or E8500 core 2 duo processor with a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L motherboard. Problem is I'm using pricewatch to find a store to get that mobo/cpu combo, but I want to upgrade the cpu heatsink/fan and get a better powersupply for my m7747c. All the stores that have that combo offer some Okia powersupply that i've never heard of and have very vague descriptions on their cpu fan upgrades. I'm most likely going to try and overclock it a bit, so I want to get a decent cpu fan and powersupply. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'd like to keep the total price under $380

Also, I was looking to get it all from one location so I wouldn't have to mess with installing the cpu and the cpu fan, and not have to mess with extra shipping from multiple stores. I've been looking at this site a lot: with the upgrades I mentioned above.

At the site with the Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L upgraded motherboard, the $19.95 upgrade cpu fan, and the 600w Okia powersupply, I can get it priced at $359.91. I'm just not sure about that powersupply and fan.


Dec 8, 2008
Your link was broken.

To mention a few things quickly, I'd keep the E6400 and just buy a new motherboard. You can OC that badboy no problem.

Than you can probably grab yourself a reletively cheap 600watt PSU by OCZ. (100$) and with the 280$ left you could easily afford the new mobo and heatsink, even a case or ram upgrade.

150$ mobo
50$ heatsink
80$ new case/RAM