Need help picking out wifi adapter

Agent Dash

Apr 3, 2015
I am living in a cabin that's detached off to the side of my family's house while I do online school but I can't get much signal in here. What can I buy that will connect to my PC and be able to detect wifi from far distances and get good signal?
To many variables to say but in general it is very hard to get signal between buildings without special equipment. The exterior walls of many houses absorb huge amounts of the wifi signal.

Do you have any option to run ethernet cable between the buildings.

If both buildings are on the same power meter you might get powerline networks to work. This is also hard to say since it depends how the wires between the building really run.

Otherwise the method that will work but will likely cost between $150-$200. You would buy 2 directional bridges from a company like ubiquiti. You would mount one on each building facing the other. They can go long distances but there must not be obstructions or even lots of trees between. You would connect 1 to the main router. The second you would connect to a AP to provide the WiFi in the second building.