Question Need help reading HD Tune benchmark data


Jan 3, 2017
Hi, my PC seems to have random slow spikes. It freezes sometimes for menial tasks like opening folders while I am installing other software (steam for example) or else, and my disk usage tends to go to 100% when nothing or something very little is using my hard drive ( i have very little amout of programs on this PC as it is fairly new) . My HDD seems to be in good condition (no damaged areas) based on HD Tune test and User Benchmark, as the rest of my hardware( no issues with my RAM, CPU, GPU or else), but it still seems to slow down sometimes. Could it just be the Win10 ,that I am using, takes up my disk usage sometimes (a lot of people seem to have this problem, and this never happens on my Win7 PC) and makes it to freeze sometimes or is it something else or is it just me, becouse it seems that my 10 year old PC runs smoother on Win7 than this PC (which is like 100 times better in terms of specs) on Win10. I will attach my Benchmark and Speed map in here so someone can tell me how to read this data as I am not sure how to. And if you can give me some advice on what to do that would be great. Thanks in advance.

Speed map : View:

Benchamrk : View:

Health Info : View:

Benchmark after windows defrag : View: