Need help really bad ..


May 13, 2001

I have Raid 0 on 2 hard drives 120 gigs each (240)..I'm running XP home on a 1.2 AMD Atlon 512 mb ramwith a Via chipset.

My drives are assigned Primary and secondary and have their own cable connected directly to the controller.

My cd-rom and DVD player are directly connected to my motherboard on seperate cables.

I can't boot up and can't get into safe mode. When I try safe mode it does it system check and stops on O/O which is O/O defrag program that I had installed for 2 years with no problem.I can't even get into recovery with the XP disk as it keeps freezing on this program O/O defrag.

I remember setting up O/0 defrag to check files upon booting and it took only a few seconds to do it then it would boot.It seems now there's something wrong with O/O defrag program preventing me from booting.

I wanted to go into safemode to removed O/O defrag but when I hit enter for safemode it does it thing and when it reaches O/O defrag program it just freezes.

How can I get in to remove this program to see if I can continue booting?

I have tons of shiat on these drives and cannot lose this data for anything.

I had 2 old drives (40 gigs each) and installed windows XP on them (Raid O also)and now up and running and posting here.

I then hooked up the 2 drives in question on each cable where the other drives are. I put the old C drive on the same cable as the the new C drive and put the old D drive on the same cable as the new D drive.

But this is not working as the old drives don't seem to exist anywhere.When booting it only shows new drives and when I look into my computer they aren't there also.

I was hoping I could access my data this way and then transfer all my data to a external drive when I buy one this Tuesday.

Is there anyway to get access to this data? I don't care about raid 0 anymore as when I get my data back I'm getting rid of Raid and will keep all my data on external drives in future and just run it normally.

Thanks for your time..

System: Running XP Home
AMD 1.2 266 FSB
AMD Athlon (k7) Chipset AMD 650 With VIA 686B
512 ram
GTS 2 ultra DDR 64
2 HD 120 Gigs each-RAID 0 Promise fastrack 100 controller card.
Sony DRU510A
Lite-on Dvd Rom
Audigy 2


Was everthing working correctly and then just suddenly quit working?
Have you tried a recovery install off the xp cd? This will reinstall the os but leave other files intact.

NOTE: Its never a good idea to keep important data on a raid 0 setup. If one drive fails there is no way to recover the data. Use raid 1 or raid 5 for security.