May 28, 2023
Hello all, seeking some advice.

My old hard drive was corrupted and stuck in a reboot cycle and I couldn't fix it. There was no data I needed on the drive and it was cheap so I threw it out.

My problem now is that my motherboard will not recognize my new SSD.

Motherboard: gigabyte ultra durable GA-Z97X-UD3H

Previous Operating system: Windows 8

New SSD: Crucial NVMe m.2 500gb

Windows installation tool is able to recognize and go through the installation process on the new SSD. However, my motherboard is unable to recognize the new SSD even after windows has seemingly installed on it.

Is this a hardware issue with my old motherboard not reading the new nvme ssd properly?

Or could my motherboard ignore it as bootable because its still looking for the old windows 8 drive?


Your Gigabyte Z97 may not be able to boot from an NVMe drive.

Full support was spotty with that generation motherboard.

It may be possible with a BIOS update, but no guarantee.

EDIT: Looking in the BIOS version, no mention is made of allowing booting from an NVMe drive. THe first version was 2014, and the latest was Mar 2016.

So....very doubtful that it can boot from that drive.