Question Need help restoring files from backup!!

Parker Le Nerd

Dec 3, 2019
Hey, So I was having some problems with my old surface pro 4 when one day windows corrupt itself due to some odd circumstances (I tried everything and it was definitely corrupt) after trying to get windows back onto the drive (it diffident work) I decided to get a new surface. It just arrived and some of my old stuff is back thanks to one drive, but the rest is all on a back up I mad with the windows 10 file backup feature. However for some reason I could not put the files back onto my laptop using the build in windows stuff and the files in the backup are all in file formats I can't open (pdf_last, etc).

So I am wondering what do I have to do to get the files off of the backup on my external drive and onto my new surface?
If you need more info please ask as I would like to fix this asap so I can get back to school (im a med student btw so this is kinda critical).

Thank you in advance for your help!