Question Need help Restoring SSD - crashed while working

Oct 30, 2019
I was using laptop in Windows 10, then got blue screen out of no where. Not sure of message, i think something about not reading disk. It is an msata SSD.

I powered off, and restarted, and got bios message that no boot disk found.

Going into the bios, it recognized the drive, it is listed there, but windows wouldn't run.

I put the SSD in an identical laptop, as the primary drive, and it had same behavior in other laptop.

I then installed it as the secondary drive of the working laptop. The bios recognized it as the secondary drive. In windows, device manager sees it (but in events tab, says "device was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match"). In the control panel - computer mgt - storage - disk management - also it is listed, but shows it is unallocated, and wants me to initialize it. i don't want to do that because i understand it is like a format and i will lose access to any data on it. As it is unallocated, it will not let me assign a drive letter to view it.

i updated the firmware on the drive to the latest and that did nothing. i uninstalled driver and reinstalled, and that did nothing. i also created a windows 10 restore USB drive, and ran the troubleshooting on it, but it gave some generic comment about there are no fixes possible.

if the laptop was an old version of windows, i'd just reinstall the OS, and there is a decent chance all would be good. But with Windows 10, they only have this recovery option, or if i choose to reinstall, it appears to format before installing (says files will be removed).

I made backups of my files a couple years ago (time goes so fast), and i am certainly at fault for not regularly backing up. There is so much on the hard drive i'd like to get back, pictures, videos, everything you can think of.

I know i can maybe try a recovery place as a last resort, but i'd like to troubleshoot myself first, and if troubleshooting doesn't work, maybe find a 3rd party software recovery tool if someone knows what is good, then the last resort sending it off to a data recovery place.

Your input is greatly appreciated.
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Once the drive is unitialized, this eliminates a lot of in-Windows recovery tools like Recuva, and unfortunatelyreinitializing/reformatting on an SSD can quickly make your recovery efforts a virtual lost cause,as TRIM kicks in and potentially scatters your data to the proverbial winds of time...

Partition Manager Minitool WIzard has a paid version which allows partition recovery, so, that might be an option if the data is worth at least $39...

A much safer method would be to call 300 dollar recovery...


Mar 16, 2013
The drive (partition) being Unallocated does not bode well.

In that instance, the regular Windows data recovery tools can't work.
Any 'format' or similar WILL kill the vast majority of your data.

Possibly a full partition recovery tool as mention above.
But only try that ONCE, at most. The more you mess with this drive, the less likely it is to get anything from it.

And do not expect a fully recovered drive in its original bootable config.
Be glad if you get 3 small text files from it.