Question Need help! Rtx 3070 laptop performance issues. Cpu problem?

Oct 28, 2022
Hello everyone hope your doing well! So i have a problem that i desperatly need help in. You see i recently on my rtx 3070 laptop ventured into fps and triple A titles. But i noticed that i would get fps drops like for example, overwatch 2 the game would run at full speed at the max fps right, while my temps and everything is fine then randomly it has a huge fps drop going from the hundreds to the 40-50s then it would go back to normal speed.

I tried reverting my drivers, i tried using ddu, i update everything on my pc, i checked my temps, i made sure my laptop is clean and has air, hell i ive done 2 factory resets. When it come s to any other game thats locked at a certain fps i dont get any problems. Ive heard from a person who responded to my reddit post on the teahcsupport sub saying that this update had some sort of glitch.

I made a 6 min video showing the problem i have while using msi after burner. Note it runs better than in the video since ive done a clean install. but it keeps the 144fps longer and still has a major frame drop.

I wanna know if anyone is experincing the same thing or has a solution to this problem ?. My laptop specs is down below. I wasnt able to get any help so im using this site for the first time.
Thank you for reading.

Fyi i only had my laptop for a month brand new and it worked great till now.

Laptop specs
  • Processor12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700H
  • Number of Cores20
  • Speed4.6 GHz
  • Video Card
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU
  • Total Menmory16 GB
  • Dedicated Memory8.0 GB
  • Operating SystemWindows 11
  • RAM16 GB
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