Question Need help selecting an AM5 socket motherboard

Dec 27, 2022
My current computer is getting old, and the motherboard is starting to have issues, so its time to build a new one. I haven't really kept up with tech in the last 7 years since the last build and needed some help identifying a good, reasonably priced (would prefer $500 or less range - can do a bit more, but not a ton) AM5 socket motherboard. I just picked up an AMD ryzen 9 7950x and 32GB of DDR5 memory. I'm probably going to get an RTX3060 Ti GPU. From what I've seen on benchmarks and the type of use it will get with me, I think its probably the sweet spot for price v performance for me at the moment. I went with AMD so I can take advantage of the PCIe channels. I want to run my GPU a tthe full x16 and still have 2 NVMe M.2 SDDs. I need at least 4 SATA connectors and am seriously thinking about getting a board with wifi built in, but not sure if its worth it.

I haven't found a ton of reviews yet for the AM5 boards. I've got no clue what manufacturers are still good or not. Recommendations or links to info about the pros and cons would be greatly appreciated!
Dec 19, 2022
A 7950X with a 3060 Ti seems like a massive GPU bottleneck. A 7600X/13600K and RX 6950 XT would be a much better fit. As for AM5 motherboards, it is difficult to find any reviews. I have an Asrock B650M PG Riptide which is a wonderful board but you would probably want an X670 with a 7950X.
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The Gigabyte B650E Aorus Master is a great board that has almost all features of the X670 chipset, but at a lower price point. The couple things it's missing vs. its X670 cousin are a few extra internal SATA ports and an extra 2.5/10Gb NIC.
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