Question Need help setting up a business landline?

Alejandro Pina

Sep 12, 2013
Need specifically no Voicemail/Call waiting. I currently had to set up a new phone number with my provider but need an office phone that has headset support and the ability to turn off voicemail and call waiting. Which landline phone should I get and a suggestion of headset that's comfortable with a decent quality?


With respect to "no Voicemail/Call waiting":

Who is your service provider? What system/basestation are you using?

Likely that you have a couple of ways to control those functions via your service configuration settings and via menu functions on the base station.

For example AT&T uses #370.


Settings can be either permanent and/or temporary. For the most part you will need to look at the applicable User Guides/Manuals provided by your service provider and the manufacturer of whatever hardware you are using.

As for landline phone - I have a AT&T system: one base station, 3 wireless remote phones. Picked the setup based on looking at the sets in a big box store and by reading (online) reviews and product manuals. Actually seeing and handling products is very important. Reading the respective manuals can be very informative and revealing.

Headsets, quality, and comfort: very subjective.

But do not go "cheap". That big foamy ear cushion may feel okay at first but then quickly flatten and harden into an uncomfortable pressure. Treat the headphone selection as you would any headphone or headset used for listening to music, movies, broadcasts, etc.. Again - "hands on", reviews, and manuals.
You have to provide more details:
- You're looking at traditional, POTS landline where two wires enter your home, and you attach a phoneset / fax / answering machine directly to them, or you're looking at VoIP provider (Vonage / Comcast / ATT / Ooma / etc), and recommendation for VoIP phone / application?