Question Need help setting up first gaming PC

Mar 23, 2021
Hi Guys,

Have been in and out of this website the past few weeks and got some great advice, now hoping to get some advice for myself.
Originally purchased the new Xbox series X, however slightly disappointed so now have built my first gaming PC.

Specs as follows.

Corsair 570x Case - 3x LL120 exhaust fans (2x top, 1x rear)
Asus Prime z490-p Motherboard
i9 10850k CPU
Corsair h150i rad with 6x push/pull config ml120 fans
Corsair vengeance 2x 16gb 3500mhz ram
Corsair rm850x Power supply
MSi Rtx 3070 gaming trio GPU
Samsung 1tb 970 EvoPlus m.2
Corsair commander pro fan speed/rgb control
iiyama 1440p 144hz Monitor
I run games at 1440p.

Looking to get the most out of this set up with the longevity in mind too (reason i went for 6xfans on my rad as there is no room with the h150i for fans anywhere else)
Now the ASUS z490-p comes with a great Ai overclocking system, and originally i set it at 'extreme' changed my ram to 3500mhz, and 'sync all cores'
Ran well with no crashing etc (play Warzone mostly) Clock was up to 5.2mhz too.
however i found my setup was still not hitting fps as other benchmarks ive seen, so started digging.
Ran a Cinebench for the first time and my CPU temp hit 100c ! didnt crash or anything but i decided to put my Ai overclock back to normal. Keeping XMP enabled and 3500mhz dram.
Clearly i need schooling with overclocking.
I have set a more aggressive fan curve in icue, but definitely could use some advice on better settings to go for before hitting the Ai overclock again.
However i will say, i run HWMonitor in the background whilst gaming, and my Cpu usually is around 60-65c whilst gaming on extreme overclock, only in cinebench it went mad.

As for my GPU i followed a great tutorial on the 3070 minor improvements and works fine, other then it always runs fairly hot on warzone, in heaven benchmark, will hit 70c tops, in Warzone it will sit at 80. However, i know the 30 series cards can take this, Ran on default fan curve.
Looking at FPS differences between the 3070, 3080 and 3090 on youtube (warzone) i definitely got the wrong card haha if a 3080 or 3090 (i hope) comes available ill upgrade and sell the 3070 on.

Below is a screenshot of Heaven and Cinebench, Cpu on Normal clock with XMP enabled, Dram at 3500mhz Max temp CPU went to was 80c.

What i would like, is some help setting things up properly, In the UK we are still in lockdown so i cant take it to a specialist (plus i dont like the idea of leaving my PC with someone anyway)
Is the Ai extreme OC a good way to go? - Reviews i've read state it is.
How can i make it run cooler with my set up?
Is there anyway of getting more fps from my gpu, or shall i just wait for an upgrade?

Alot of ££££ difference between the series x and this pc, which i why i really want the most out of it haha

*quick edit - Should mention that i run warzone on fairly low graphics settings, other then filmic AA, ANy other game will be ultra settings'

Really appreciate the read, and any advice given.


Overclocking a CPU is about setting a goal first of all. Is that 3-5 FPS in most things worth putting the CPU at risk?

Auto overclockers always lean on the function over safety. So yes, typically voltage gets out of control and the CPU will run hot.

You should be able to see the settings the AI tuner configured. Then you could take the core voltage, load line calibration, and offsets down until it starts crashing.

A proper overclock guide will get you most of the way: