Question Need help, stuck upgrading

DC Phister

Jan 4, 2017
I built my pc almost 10 years ago, asus maximums mb, core i7 sandy bridge, dual msi twin frozrs flawless for almost 10 years. Didn't maintain it well enough, the sealed water cooler failed, not sure if the mb or the chip took the damage but it shuts off often if it gets warm.

Fast forward to today, asus tuf 570-plus mb, ryzen 5 3600 and 32 MB of g skill ddr4 and I'm getting a long beep and 2 short.

I've re seated cpu and ram 3 times each, have tried with and without gpu (I know it shouldn't work as no on board with this cpu).

I went big and tried to plug everything that was there back in, failed miserably. I've stripped it back to mb, cpu, gpu, ram, and one Hd. Nothing on the monitor.

Where am I effed?
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We're going to need a little more information. What is the make and model of your PSU, the cooling for your processor and the rams you're using, as well as the slots on the motherboard for said ram? GPU? Are you recycling your old GPU's? If so, you might want to list their make and model. I think the fact that you're using a non UEFI VBIOS GPU is impeding any display to the monitor.
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