Need help. System shutting down


Jan 15, 2009

I just build my first computer, and all seemed well. It's a Shuttle K48 I got from newegg, has a Celeron Processor, 2GB of RAM, 80GB HDD, and an HP DVD/CD combo drive.

I just plugged it in and started it up, put in an Ubuntu 9.04 live CD and tried to install it. When I got the to main menu of the live cd I chose "install", and it said something about the computer not being able to read the cd and to check connections. Well I did, and everything looked fine. Then I tried another liveCD, and the system just shutdown!?!?!?!?! I think it might be overheating because I didn't put a CPU fan on it.

Any ideas? This is my first build.

Your system absolutely NEEDS a heat sink and fan. Do you mean that you have a heatsink without a fan, or do you not even have a heatsink? You can only hope now that you didn't damage your CPU.

You should probably read through this checklist also:


Dec 24, 2008
lol yes absolutely get a HSF. Most likely your PC shut itself down before any real damage was caused, but there is a chance that you may have cooked your new PC.