Need help to find an online generator that can keep track of what has been picked

Feb 16, 2018
Hello everyone.
I apologize from the start if i posted in the wrong section (but sincerely i couldnt find any "off topic" zone so i hope i'm not mistaking posting this here).

I'll explain you my problem:

I do already know that there are online generators for numbers (or words) but my problem is that those do not "keep track" of what they already "randomly picked for you" from the given list, and that's exactly what i need.

To go more in the specifics i'd need an online generator that can pick up (either a number or a word or a link or an image) from a given list that i previously insert, and that can keep track of what was already "picked" and so randomly picking new stuff only from what is left.
Basicly you could see it as a sort of "lottery game", and this generator should keep track of what was already randomly picked until the game ends with everything in the initial list being picked out.
Moreover i'd need that *once you open this sort of "game"* with its custom link, that anyone who can access to that link can also get a random pick by clicking on the generator.

It is for a game i'd like to do with some friends online, but since it's something like "cards" two persons cant find themselves having the same card, this is why i'd need the generator to keep track of what is already picked out (without "showing" of course) and to only give the players the cards who are really "available".

I'm sorry if it can sounds complicated, i tried to explain it as best as i could.
I truly hope someone of you can help me with this search
Does anyone of you know any website generator like this?

Thanks in advance for your time!

ps. i dont want anything that must be installed on the pc. i only need an online generator
pps. i obviously dont wanna play cards games like poker or similar, because otherwise i know there are plenty of solutions.


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Agreed with darkbreeze, any generator is only dealing (generally) with a single randomization - not configured to keep going.

Just kinda thinking out loud here:
Reading what it is you require.... reminds me of a round of Bingo. And I wonder if there's some way you could implement either that, or the same premise.

For example:
You/your friends have an excel spreadsheet where numbers = whatever you want.
In any given 'game' each number could only be drawn once.... and if you draw a certain number, you x-ref your local file for what it means?

Would assume that your number of requirements do not exceed the numbers available in Bingo.... and require an online game that could facilitate multiple users in a single 'game'.

*EDIT* Nevermind.... upon reading through that idea, each 'player' would be able to see everybody elses number/draw.
I think with a little effort you could figure out how to code this for yourself in one of several different languages. You could probably find a code savvy friend that could do this for you. There are a couple blocks that you need to figure out.

1) loading the array of items to be selected from
2) the random number generator
3) The logging feature
4) A UI to drive each feature.

I did something similar to this for a project in college except it was a blackjack game. My shuffler (deck randomizer) could shuffle as many decks as would fit into RAM though I limited it to 7 decks. You might look into card shuffling tutorials to figure out how to randomly select an object from an array.