Need help to update my Intel Pentium D


Jun 11, 2009
My name is David Suchan from India, I've a PC of this config...

Intel Pentium D 945 3.40 GHz
Code Name: Presler
Package: Socket 775 LGA

Intel D946GZIS

Transcend 512MB DDR2(333 Mhz)

Hard Disk:
160 GB, Seagate

I'm hardcore gaming fan, so pls help me to update my PC.....I used to have a nVidia Graphic Card but it failed.

Now, I'm looking for a perfect configuaration which suite exactly for my use like
2.Game Play,
3.Running Servers like Apache,
4.Music & Video Entertainment and
5.Other Misc works

Pls help that I'd be not able to look forward for the next coming technology processors or updates.....

email is

I can spend upto 330 US dollars for this update.

Waiting for the reply...


May 17, 2009
USD 330 is ~ Rs 16K
What res do you play at? If its 1440 or above, get one of the new C2D Q8200'3 or Q8400's, Rs 7-8000, can be OC'd to ~ 3.8 GHz. Or if you can extend budget to USD 400, get a C2Q Q8400 or Q9400.
Else if lower get a Pnetium Dual Core E5200 and OC to 3,5.
Ram-I am assuming its DDR2. Get 2 IGB sticks @ 667 MHz or higher. Rs 1K
GPU- If res >= 1440, get a GTS 250/HD4850(Street-8K, obline 6K.
Else if <=1440 get a 9600 (the fastest one, dont know the suffix) or an HD 4770. Both are ~4-5K.


Jun 1, 2009
Here is a review of the GPUs that madass proposed:
If you don't have enough to spend you could get the HD4770 and overclock it and it would be nearly as fast as the HD4850. But if you read the article you will see that the HD4770 is at stock speeds almost as fast as the HD4850.Also as I've said the article shows the GTS250 not just the HD4770 and the HD4850.
Hope it helped.
BTW madass are you a programmer? It was funny how you wrote the first message :D .


Feb 2, 2009
We need PSU information, native monitor resolution, and preferable websites/stores you want to order from if any of us is to give valid advice.

Anyways... when looking at Intel's processor support sheet here, it looks like the best you can get is a C2D E6700. Unfortunately, this board doesn't support 45nm CPUs such as madass' suggestion for the Q8200, Q8400, or Q9400.

Considering your budget, it would be very hard to squeeze in a newer motherboard that would be able to accept upcoming processors. Your best bet at this point is to update the video card, memory, PSU (if needed), and the processor if budget allows.

+1 to madass' suggestion for the 4850/4770 and GTS 250. However, I highly doubt that they would run safely on a generic PSU, so more information is needed. Keep in mind that an ATI 4650 and 4670 (and some of the 9600GTs) will give solid performance on a 1440x900 or 1280x1024 resolution and do not require external power.

2Gb is a must, but if you can shoot for 4Gb of memory for cheap, I'd go for it. Remember that your board supports a maximum memory frequency of DDR2 667: anything above that and your board will underclock it to that frequency.


Jun 11, 2009
First thanks for all the suggestions..........

I'm using a LCD Monitor and uses 1280x1024 Resolution with a refresh rate 60 Hz as default.

Well, as far by now.... I'm thinking of

Getting a Video Card with DDR3 and increase my ram to 2GB.....
Again, which is better? Kingston or Transcend?

My PSU is of 400W.............

Again, Thanks for all the help, you guys are doing a great job........