[SOLVED] Need Help Trouble Shooting DRAM Red Error Light and No display/blackscreen

Dec 25, 2020
I recently RMA my motherboard because of an issue I was having (it was a gigabyte aurous x570 elite) I got a new motherboard (gigabyte aurous b550 pro) and with this motherboard came its own problem. I plugged everything in and everything turns on, AIO, fans, etc. except the troubleshooting leds on my motherboard indicated that my DRAM memory was not working, with this problem I get no display to my monitors, no bios just a black screen.

I have tried:
1 stick of ram in every dimm slot
two sticks of ram in every other dimm slot
I have even tried four ram sticks at once

nothing is working, please any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance, my computer has not worked since christmas following a snowball of problems

2080ti founders edition
gigabyte b550 pro MOBO
16gb (2x 8gb) ddr4 ram
Ryzen 7 2700x
GIGABYTE p850gm power supply (850W 80+ gold)
cpu is cooled By duel fan corsair AIO
6 fans including the 2 cpu cooler fan
2 monitors, one is DVI, the other is HDMI (no response from both)