Question Need help troubleshooting.


Dec 14, 2013
Hi there,
About two months ago my cousin bought components for his 1st gaming pc and has started having some issues.

CPU -R5 3600
RAM - generic 1x16GB 3200Mhz
MOBO - Asus A320M-k
PSU - Antec VP650 Plus

I helped him assemble the pc and for two months it worked seamlessly, up until 3 days ago he told me that it would turn off out of the blue and he would have to turn it back on manually, he didnt have any BSOD's, or any beeps or anything to give him some info and now the PC wont turn on at all.
When plugged into power, and we hit the power button theres a blue light that comes on for a second next to the power button and then off again, but nothing else happens. The motherboard is for sure getting power as we can see the orange LED's lighting up the back of the board, theres just no error LEDS that show what could be the issue like some other motherboards have.

I have taken apart the PC, except I havent taken the CPU out of the socket, and have checked all connections (GPU, RAM, CPU power, Mobo power and the front connections) and still nothing. When he purchased the parts, there wasnt many options to choose from that fit his budget so he got a bit of a lackluster motherboard. Obviously because theres only one stick of RAM we cant test to see if thats the issue, but I have tried to boot without the GPU plugged in to cross that off the list. I didnt want to mess with too much just incase the only option is to send it back to the company.

Here in South Africa we do experience some power outages at a semi-frequent rate, and it doesnt seem like he bought a surge protector so is it possible that the PSU is to blame?

Thanks for the help!