Question Need Help trying to figure out syncing multiple aRGB fans from different manufacturers in a single Mobo header.

Aug 5, 2019
I'm about to buy the parts to build a brand new PC and I've been trying to figure out how to pick parts to all sync together in regards to their RGB with mystic light on an MSI b450 gaming pro carbon ac mobo. This Mobo only has one aRGB header.

I'm looking at getting a Cooler Master case that comes with 3x CM aRGB case fans
These fans come with a 3 to 1 aRGB 5v splitter but no lighting hub.

I would like to also get an additional 3 case fans for top and rear exhaust. I was looking at this 3 pack by Anidees that comes with an aRGB 8 fan hub

Finally I was looking at getting an aRGB CPU air cooler by UpHere

So my question is: Could I use the 8 fan hub that comes with the Anidees fans to connect those 3 fans, the 3 CM case fans and the upHere CPU cooler fans all together and then to a single JRainbow aRGB header on the Mobo to sync everything with MSI Mystic light? Is it usually ok to mix different manufacturers' fans in the same hub? If not would I have to get a separate 8 way aRGB hub? If so would it be ok to Daisy chain the Anidees hub into the XSPC hub? And then add the CM fans and upHere fans into the XSPC hub?

I know the XSPC hub is just a splitter but If I can go with the all in one Anidees hub setup would I be able to control each Fan's colours separately or is that hub just a simple splitter too? Would every single RGB fan in the system all have to be set to the same colours as each other at all times (even though within an individual fan the LEDs would be adressable)?

Sorry that this has been a complicated and long winded question but it's been wrecking my head over hours of research trying to figure out how I could get everything in the system to work together and sync up with MSI mystic light (as I've already got the b450 pro carbon ordered and was hoping to order the other parts listed above asap).
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