Question Need help trying to identify failing component after Freeze requiring hard reset

Jun 5, 2023
I have a system that has been running great for a couple of years. A couple of months ago whilst gaming I noticed that the system would freeze for a few seconds whilst loading games and then on the odd occasion completely freeze during the game requiring a hard reset. The system would not respond at all. So far the freeze has only happened whilst gaming.

A few days ago after another complete freeze I noticed that the system would display a white dash on system boot and stay there for a while before finally loadinng windows (normally is would jump straight to windows). It seems like it was taking a while to locate the SSD. I also started to get a BIOS message on load stating that it needed to reset to default configs. Also as of a few days ago, the system would only boot into safe mode and when in Windows the display/system would not come out of sleep mode.

So far I have tried the following but the issues still occur. Swapped SSD for a new one and reinstalled Windows (this fixed it for a short period before freeze and white dash reoccured). Changed out the RAM for another pair I own. Disconnected the GPU and tested only using the inbuilt graphics (Dash still occured). Upgraded BIOS, reset CMOS.

I am trying to rule things out and I am thinking it could be motherboard or PSU.

Any ideas or suggestions?