Question Need help understanding mic settings


Jun 12, 2015
Hello all,
I am trying to sort out my audio settings because I've been having some issues. To start off I have an AT2020 USB mic. My windows mic volume is 100% and my Discord mic volume is 100% and my friends all keep me set between 90-100% on their ends. What I don't understand is when I clip something in game using Nvidia shadowplay my mic is extremely loud, to the point that I can hear every little thing in my room and sometimes things going on in other rooms. The only way I have found to fix this is to turn down my windows mic volume but when I do this programs like Discord can no longer pick up my mic, and Discords volume is already 100% so I can't increase that anymore. I really don't understand if I am missing something super simple or what. Are there gain settings somewhere that I can change? I know my mic has a physical volume wheel on it but this does not seem to change anything. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read.