Question Need help upgrading old 3570k CPU, holding back newer gaming monitor & GPU

Jan 27, 2019
Hi - running an older tower. I upgraded my GPU to GTX1660ti in spring, but I suspect old components might be holding me back including my CPU. Scope creep has caught up. I know nothing about upgrading, current CPUs etc, but this thread had some great ideas from @Barty1884 for someone in same boat (3570, wanting to game and multi-task). The thread and parts list is from early 2019...almost a year later now, so I am wondering if this is still valid, or is there a better combo for same price point (or less) that someone can suggest if these parts are now obsolete?

current build:
  • CPU i5-3570K (Coolermaster Hyper 212EVO)
  • Asus P8Z77-V, board,
  • Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1600Mhz,
  • MSI GTX1660ti gpu.
  • Corsair D.TX550M 550W Modular PSU
  • I had memory express in Canada assemble it for me, but I don't mind putting some work into it myself.
I just bought a new 144hz gaming monitor from Costco for black friday, running 1920x1080 and even though it isn't even 1440 I cannot get things to work smoothly in Fortnite, which is crashing and showing high CPU load (even though monitor has G-sync, and I have tried to tweak settings for NVidia and capping with with Riva Tuner to 120fps.) I do other gaming than fortnite too but I figure it is a good benchmark that should at least run smooth with cartoon graphics.

I am guessing the CPU is the bottle neck? :( Do I need new cpu/mobo/ram combo like that other poster?

And - can I use the AMD processors without issue with my Nvidia gpu?
Looks like the Ryzen 5 3600 is newer than those on the Jan list, and might be good value?

Also - quiet is key, my rig right now is almost silent and I want to keep it that way (have silent fans, etc.)

Lastly, I do not do any overclocking, I have always just left things stock. Other than tinkering with framerate tweaks on the GPU

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