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Question Need help upgrading pc

Mar 8, 2020
I want to swap my GPU with a 2080 super and wanted to know if my motherboard and cpu can handle it and if not should I was planning to upgrade to a I7 9700, only if it's need tho. I have a 1440p 144hz monitor and I mainly play single player games
my current specs:
I5 8400
MSI B360M Gaming Plus Motherboard
Msi Geforce Gtx 1660 ti gaming X 6gb
16gb ram
600w PSU


Apr 5, 2020
Yeah at 1440p your CPU should be fine. I'm guessing that it's properly cooled and holds a good boost clock of 3.6GHz+ because if it's below that then you're losing too much fps due to low core clocks.
If it's sitting at a good boost clock during load then yeah don't bother upgrading for now, it will handle the 2080S. Mobo is fine, just make sure your PSU is compatible with your GPU. Your PSU wattage is also kind-of low, if the quality is bad then It's probably not even supplying the rated wattage so I recommend changing that to a 700W PSU from a good brand like corsair, make sure it's 80+ Silver atleast.
be quiet! Pure Power 11 600W
The pure power 11 is an alright unit, a bit too budget for a 2080 Super imo. It should work fine overall. Efficiency means nothing in terms of psu quality. The topology and component quality is in general more important. The pure power 11 acrf rather then the better performing and higher quality llc resonant controllers, it is dc to dc, so it's kinda alright.

Now, the main problem I see is that 6 cores really isn't acceptable anymore, many games use 4 cores and several games already use 6 or higher cores, this doesn't include windows, which also uses cores. It'll work out fine in many titles, but I'd be wary.

1440p 144hz won't happen,more like 100fps. You'll have to dial back the settings a bit to hit 144fps in non e-sport titles.

Honestly, it's a bit of a pickle, the psu is an alright budget unit but not suited for a 2080S, the motherboard has no vrm heatsinks, so any cpu upgrade may throttle, and the ram is limited to 2666 Mhz.

If you intend to stick with this platform, I'd get a fan, and rig it so that it's blowing air directly on the power delivery system(the little row of square chips above and left of the cpu socket), and then upgrade to a i7 8700 or 9700 if it's supported.