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Mar 11, 2019
I have decided that it is time to upgrade parts of my system namely cpu motherboard and ram. Right now I have an i7 4930k, Asus Maximus Extreme iV, 16gb ram, rtx 2070 super and a corsair 650 watt power supply. The need for upgrading happens after I discovered that the GPU is only at 50% usage in battlefield 5 where the CPU is at 80-100%. It is not possible to overclock the CPU due to bent pins in the socket. I've looked at i5 10400f, ryzen 5 5600x or wait for intel new gen, but do not know where I get the most for money. The amount does not matter as long as it makes sense in terms of performance. Have no problem waiting for intel 11 gen or the ryzen 5 5600x to be in stock.
I wouldnt wait for 11th Gen for its performance if im being honest.
From what i saw the i9 11900k will have the same core/thread count as the i7 11700k with only major difference being +0,3 GHz with its Turbo Boost, which is not worth the extra money over the i7 imo.
But the launch of 11th gen might push the prices of 10th gen back a bit, so you can land your self a 10700K, perhaps.
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CPU: Intel Core i5-10400F 2.9 GHz 6-Core Processor ($149.00 @ Amazon)
Memory: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory ($113.99 @ Amazon)
Total: $262.99
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The motherboard i would pair the i5 is this one, which is currently not available on pcpartpicker.

Forgot the cooler: esports duo&cm_re=34_esports duo-_-1FR-004G-00002-_-Product&quicklink=true
Will the i7 be a better choice than the i5 10400f? Is amd completely out of the question?
i7 10700K will for sure be a better choice, and would last longer.
You can see people still use i7's from 2010-2012 and still have no problem with it.
A 8 core 16 thread cpu is going to be used for a long long time.
AMD is not out of the question, but you can get better deals for intel that perform the same.
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Sep 21, 2020
So Anandtech does a review and refuses to state if the review was done with a Z590 board...
Actually board doesn't matter much as long it's capable to deliver enough power to CPU. For example: AMD 5800X has the same performance on B550 as on X570 -if both boards deliver enough power.
Saying that, I don't imagine Anantech would use some 3rd class board.

..not to mention the final bios haven't been released and people are jumping to conclusions.
There will be (or already was used) final BIOS release and more will be released -as is the case with most motherboards.
But that doesn't influence CPU performance much (if at all). BIOS update is usually only about stability improvements or some feature is added.
Is not "jumping to conclusions".. numbers are there -we just need to accept them.
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The power consumption figures for Intels 11th gen in the Anand article are crazy high...while using almost 100w less the Ryzen 5800x is still faster in single core and basically equal in multi-threaded apps. AVX-512 is so niche as to be unimportant at this point so 11th gen brings nothing new to the table besides even more heat. We can easily extrapolate by the amount of heat the 11th gen part will put out that it will require some serious highend cooling.

Personally I'd grab a solid B550 board and a 5800x and would not look back. No reason to wait since the OP stated the amount of money doesn't matter as long as the performance is there.
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Aug 26, 2020
11th gen brings nothing new to the table besides even more heat. We can easily extrapolate by the amount of heat the 11th gen part will put out that it will require some serious highend cooling.
... and it's nothing a decent cooler can't handle. I'm amazed people worry about this kind of stuff. When I bought my 10900k I was thinking things like "10 cores".. "speed"... "high performance"... "in stock at retail price with no scalper tax."

The power usage and heat never crossed my mind because I knew that going in... and was already planning on a quality cooler. IMHO the heat these chips put off is really a non-issue... unless you're a cheapskate. :LOL:

I'd have been thinking the same thing about Ryzen 9 chips had they been available for purchase. "OMG I better get Ryzen because it uses less power and puts off less heat than Intel" is really at the bottom of my priorities when comparing the two because quality coolers make it all irrelevant.

To each their own...


Dec 25, 2020
Absolute only reason i’d go intel, is if it is noticeably cheaper. You can get great deals on i5-10400F’s etc, with a board for the cost of (or less than) a 5800X and not too far behind on performance. But if 11th gen is in the same price as zen3, i can’t understand why anyone would choose intel - i truly can’t.


Jan 23, 2015
If I were you I'd spend a lot of time on It does a very good job of matching parts and giving prices on parts. You can build yourself a bunch of different options.

The war of Intel vs AMD will go on forever. Pushes both of them to go faster and cheaper. Good for consumers. I prefer Intel since I do a lot of CAD / FEA etc. These programs will crash and the developers will blame AMD, so I just stick with Intel. For just gaming, you'll be OK on either.

Currently running here:
9900k clocking in at 5Ghz, quadro 6000m, 128Gb, a pair of striped m.2
6850k at 4.2Ghz, Nvidia RTX 2080, 32Gb
4930k at 4.3Ghz, Nvidia GTX 780, 32Gb
HP DL380 w/ 2x 2.4Ghz Xeons, 64Gb.
Some other older hardware, like a firewall running PFsense and a media center w/ Plex & WMC

Point is, I've done my share of building machines.

I9 is one super fast cpu for sure. In my CAD benchmark it's 80% faster than it's predecessor. It's a hot little ah heck though, plan on water cooling. H100i works good.

I try to buy at the top of the performance envelope, this gives me second lives for all my machines. Pick a CPU and build from there. I don't buy the stupid expensive parts. Sometimes Intel will have a special cpu that's 2-3x the cost of a regular one. Or there's some special version of the video card that's megabucks. I'm not going for the special. I get good quality fast RAM (Corsair mostly). As much Video card as I can, and of course the fastest I can go on drive. I put all my files on the server so I don't need a lot of space on a workstation, but I do need speed.

I just got done replacing the 4930k w/ the 6850k as my daily driver. 6yrs old and still fast!

Go to and have some fun with it. You'll figure out something that's in budget and yet fast enough. Good luck