Question Need help urgent!!! Many pc problems

Jul 30, 2019
Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me. For the last few weeks my pc has been freezing on the screen which has the pictures on (when it has just started up )for about 1 min before you enter a password after I press enter or click to get onto the password screen and then the screen goes black and then goes back on the picture screen and allows me to press enter and put in my password on the next screen. I have also noticed a much slower startup lately. Then today it happened again, eventually got onto my account to see the message 'we can't sign into your account windows 10'. None of my files are on the desktop or in folders and C: drive can only now be found when going into This PC instead of seeing it on the sidebar underneath this pc. As far as I am aware all my files are still on my C: drive when I go onto it into Users and then my account name so I am very confused. I have tried all the tutorials to try get me off this temporary account and none have worked. I tried to check hdd and ssd health but when I downloaded GSmartControl the c: drive came up as Unknown Model. Any help would be great as on monday I am sending it to go get looked at which takes a few weeks and I would rather not have to send it.