Question Need help using my TP-LINK Archer AX73 router with Spectrum-supplied Arris tg1682 ?

Jul 19, 2021
How can I configure my TP-LINK Archer AX73 router to connect with the internet on my spectrum provided Arris tg1682 ?

Spectrum box was provided and is a combination modem & router box. (one box) It does not include a port that is labeled as WAN. It has 4 ethernet ports, numbered. The TP-Link Ax73 router is what I purchased separately. I've followed all of the advice on the tplink faq pages and have failed. The lights on the new router are showing up for power, 2.4g wifi, 5g wifi. The internet light is not coming on.

I tested by creating a loop, plugging the ethernet from the wan on new router into a lan on new router and then the same lights plus the internet light came on (orange). So the ethernet cable is working and the router is ok. Someone suggested that I disable my internal router within the arris modem/router combo box. I've found directions on how to do this and maybe that will work, but I am afraid I will mess something up. I've done all the power cycles. Still, the interface or management of the new router is stating that I have no internet connection and that it is due to the WAN connection not being detected.


Yes. Disable the router functions on the Spectrum modem/router combo.

Your network only needs one router. Let the Arris be the modem and the TP-Link Archer be the router.

You should be able to use any LAN on the Spectrum to connect to the TP-Link router's WAN port.

This Arris modem/router?

Use the Spectrum's LEDs to monitor connectivity and performance (Modes).

Physically numbered Pages 32-35 contains tables that show what the LEDs indicate.

Read both user manuals first, plan the netlwork out, make the connections and configure accordingly.

If things do go astray just reset and try again. Work with the default values to begin with. Once all is up and running you can then make changes to admin login, passwords, SSID etc. as necessary and required.

Focus on getting just one computer working wired, then one wireless (if that is a requirement). Then configure other network devices to request and obtain DHCP IP addresses from the TP-Link router.

Hopefully all will fall right into place.

Post any further questions or problems.