Question Need help VGA light on and no posting

Mar 31, 2023
Motherboard: msi mpg gaming plus
CPU: ryzen 3 3100
GPU: gtx 1070ti
PSU: corsair 800w gold
RAM: ballistix 2x8gb ram sticks

When booting, all the fans spin and the ram sticks light up. The cpu light on the motherboard turns on for a few seconds and then turns off as the vga light turns on and stay lit. All the while my monitor shows no signal. If I leave the pc on for more than a minute or so then the vga light turns off and my keyboard allows me to turn num lock and caps lock on and off suggesting the only problem is with the display. What's unusual is that if I don't turn the computer on for a number of days then it sometimes functions as normal and posts to the display until I turn it off again.

I have tried other gpus, changing pcie slot, resetting the cmos, changing powersupply and reseating the ram. All to no avail. I suspect it may be an issue with the motherboard. Any help would be much appreciated.