Need help with a budget build 400 - 500 $


Jan 9, 2010
So I am going to buy an entirely new rig, atm I have the PSU (CoolerMaster Silent Pro 600 Watt), GPU ( XFX 4870). What I need is CPU, MOBO, RAM. CD/DVD Drive, Hard drive, Operating System, and a case, I already made a wishlist on newegg I chose the following:

Total for these items is $533.32

I'm not to sure if I chose the greatest parts I could have on this matter, so I need your help.
If you have any old windows xp software to use, get the windows 7 pro version oem for it's xp virtualization support. For ram, get some ddr3 even if it costs $10 more. For the motherboard, checkout the msi nf750-G55 for $108 shipped at newegg. For ram, get the kingston 2x1 gb of ddr3 1333 for $56.99 shipped. I've had good luck with msi boards. And the antec 300 is only $49.99 with free shipping at