Question Need help with a dual "monitor" set up!

Oct 19, 2020
Hey everyone, I have never used a dual monitor set up but recently I was given a 32-inch Insignia T.V and I wanted to use it as a second monitor. I only put Netflix on it occasionally but want to use it while in game to have discord on it. My GPU is an AMD RX 580, it only has 1 HDMI output and 3 display ports. My main gaming monitor is a 27-inch Scepter monitor, not the best but I like it. The Scepter monitor uses the HDMI spot, so I bought an adaptor that goes from Display port to HDMI because the T.V does not have a display port plug in spot. Whenever I game on my main monitor, the T.V will flicker and bug out, even with no programs open on it. I have tried switching slots on my GPU, but it doesn't seem to fix it. Is there anything I am missing? I appreciate any help, if you need any more build info just ask and I can give it to you! Also! Does anyone know how to set up the audio between the monitors to be different? Example being, if I was playing a game and have that volume going through my headset, could I play a YouTube video on my T.V and have that volume played through that?
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