Question Need help with a Freezing PC

Dec 5, 2021
-Asus B550-F Gaming (Wifi)
-AMD Ryzen 7 3800x
-G.Skill RipJaws V Series 32GB (16x2) DDR4 3200
-Samsung SSD 980 (1tb)
-Corsair RM750 ATX Power Supply
-PNY Geforce GT 710

I put this build together around January/February. It was fine for a while, but eventually the PC would Blue Screen randomly. Looking in the Event Viewer it would always come up with Kernel Power Error, Event ID 41, under Critical.

Eventually I took it to a repair shop, he tested my RAM in a different system and it was giving the other pc trouble. So I RMA'd the RAM and got two new sticks from G.Skill. The Blue Screens stopped after this, but now the computer would randomly freeze.

The way the PC freezes is odd. It has done it on just the desktop with no background programs running. I'm usually on it watching videos in Chrome though, so that's when I see it most often. Usually the video will stop playing like it's buffering. Then you can not interact with anything on the screen, can't launch task manager, and can't open new programs. You can still move the mouse around freely, and sometimes you can open the Start Menu (but can't interact with anything). At this point all you can do is a hard reset, and boot up again. It boots back up fine, but usually if the problem happens once it will keep happening frequently afterwards (within an hour or 2). Became an everyday occurrence.
I took it back to the shop. He tested my system with different RAM, I bought a new SSD drive (I wanted to run dual drives anyways) and we loaded Windows onto that, a different PSU, and tried a different GPU, but the freezing problem kept occurring with these different parts in it.

At this point all we hadn't tested was the CPU and the Motherboard itself, he didn't have another AMD system around to test them in. So we just ended up RMA'ing the CPU and MB both to be safe. AMD sent me back a brand-new processor. Then yesterday I got my Motherboard back from ASUS. They repaired mine, but they didn't give any details as what they diagnosed the problem as or what was repaired on it. While testing other RAM in my motherboard he also found he couldn't change the RAM speed, or Profile settings in BIOS. Doing so would cause the system not to POST upon restarting. When we got the repaired board back he was able to change the RAM to the correct settings without issue though.

So we threw the PC back together with the repaired board and new CPU. Everything seemed like it was running great, but I was just watching a movie on Youtube and the PC froze up on me again the same exact way it had before. Video stops playing/looks like it's buffering, then I can't interact with anything but can still freely move the mouse around. Also can't launch task manager or anything again. Then I have to do a hard reset and let the computer boot up again.

We're at a complete loss here and can't figure out what the problem could be. All components have been replaced or tested with a different set in its place at this point. The problem is beyond frustrating.
I know it's been tested with different parts in place, but could it be some kind of compatibility issue with my parts? Could it be the motherboard, even after ASUS repairing it, causing the same issue? Has anyone else experienced these types of freezes before?

Some help would be GREATLY appreciated, because as stated we're at a complete loss by now.

Thanks for reading and any responses given!


Apr 24, 2021
Ignoring the previous memory issue, which sounds like it is resolved, what you are describing sounds like GPU overheating, which would make sense if you are watching Netflix or something.

PNY make a few different GT710 cards, some with a fan and some without. Does yours have a fan?
Dec 5, 2021
Mine does have a fan. The airflow in the case is pretty decent too.

At the repair shop he threw in a GPU he has, but was getting the same freezes with his card in my machine.