Mar 19, 2006
Wow - there is a plethora of motherboards out there! Anyway, I've been looking through threads and there is a ton of information 8O .

Anyway, my requirements are as follows:
1. Decent onboard sound (I'm on a budget so can get a Sound Blaster later).
2. NO integrated graphics
3. Would be nice to have SLI - but it's not critical
4. Will NOT be overclocking - so stable board
5. PC to be used primarily for gaming.
6. CPU will be a C2D - prob E6300 or E4300 9at the moment E6300 is cheaper!!!)
7. Best bang for my money....
8. Did I mention budget? ;)
9. ATX board

Sort of off topic - whatever happened to the game ports? I have a pretty decent joystick - is there any conversion plugs so I can still use the thing?

It seems that the Gigabyte board DS 3 and ASUS P5BE is a popular recommendation. I know Asus and Gigabyte - never had any probs with either of them - but these are recommended in the same breath as overclocking. Are there any other decent motherboards out there which will meet my low end (I hope) requirements? I'm not too familiar with other manufacturers, besides Intel of course :).


Feb 4, 2006
If you're not overclocking, then any C2D motherboard will work. Just find one that has the features you need at a price you can afford. Abit, Asus, Foxconn, etc..., brand isn't much of an issue if you're not overclocking.

There are USB to Gameport converters available, but they usually cost about the same as a new joystick.