May 13, 2020
Since this is my first build, I wanted to know whether I am approaching this the correct way.

I am planning on buying a Corsair iCUE 465x case, which also comes pre-installed with 3 Corsair LL120 fans (just to mention, the case also comes with a Lighting Node Core so I can plug the LL fans there and it only takes up on one connector on the mb).
Anyways, I’m also planning on buying a Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R AIO and an MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard which I think comes with 6 fan headers in total, one of which is designed for Corsair fans and one for addressable RGB.
Would I be able to connect the Cooler Master AIO and the LL120 fans connected through the Lighting Node Core without buying an ARGB splitter? Do they both take up their own individual spot on the motherboard or would they be fighting for the same connection

note: if anyone wants to recommend me to just get another Corsair AIO for easier compatibility, I won’t get it because the only LL AIO Corsair sells comes in white and I’m going for a black case design

anyways, if anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated!