Question Need help with aRGB Fans for my Liquid Cooler 4pin vs 6pin


Jun 20, 2013
I bought an iBuyPower PC, one of my fans bearings makes noise (standad non LED fan w/ 4pin connector).
They sent me replacement fans, but these are aRGB with 6 pin connectors.
Is there any way I can connect them, but still have RPM control over the fans?

Motherboard: ASRock 690z Phantom 4

Cooler has a 240mm Radiator with non-led fans which are connected to CPU 1 and CPU 2 connectors on my MB
I was sent 2 aRGB replacement fans with 6 pin connectors
As can be seen in the pictures, I have an aRGB controller on the back of my PC, but all the ports seem to already be taken up. The case had 4 RBG fans.
I am also reading that the CPU fans would loose their RPM control is plugged into a controller (full on all the time, vs increasing cooling only in time of demand kind of thing)
I did re-contact them and they are sending me the correct type of fans (direct replacements)
I would rather utilize the RGB fans (moar RGBZ)
What is the best way to go about this?
Can I replace the controller in the back with a bigger one so I can power more fans?
Can I even do that and retain RPM control?
Should I just run the fans full bore at all times regardless?
is there anything else I'm missing and not considering here at all?
Please help.
I'm very savvy, but this is my first PC that has RGBs and the first system I did not build myself, so I'm new to how these controllers work.
(I purchased this around Christmas time and it was cheaper to buy the bundle with a 3080 vs buying all the parts separately and really I love this system, it's incredibly powerful)

aRGB Controller:

Old Fans

New Fans


The hub looks like there's no room to connect anymore. In fact the old fans are PWM fans, not RGB/ARGB fans. Contact support and ask for another replacement, including images of your controller hub and the older fans you were working with.