Question Need help with ARGB fans & strips & controller!


Dec 22, 2018

I'm looking to grab some adressable RGB strips and fans, and were wondering how I could make this all work.
I have an ASUS z390-f gaming motherboard, that comes with only one 5V 3pin ARGB header, and 2 non-Argb 4pins.
I would like to have about 3 ARGB fans along with at least 2 ARGB strips. I could not find anything straight up about this, all the connectors are unclear for me so I need help!
It is important for me to find the cheapest solution (I know about ROG Terminal but thats just too expensive atm (saving up for 1440p 144hz monitor and a gpu that can run games on that), altough if it's the only option to meet my standards i will list below i will have no other opportunity then to go with that)

So what I'm looking for is your best ideas for:
  • ARGB fans that are ASUS AURA compatible and as cheap as they can get,
  • ARGB LED Strips that are also ofc AURA compatible, and as cheap as they can get,
  • And a best & cheapest solution to make these all work with a mobo like mine, with only 1 ARGB header. So I need a controller of some sort too.
This is what the PC looks like now, feel free to tell me how you think I should configure the rgb for it!

Also, an off topic question (that I still do have so ill ask anyways) Does anyone have experience with LED strip placement in the Fractal design Define R6? I wonder how many strips I should get, and where to put them, and also, I'll buy the GPU riser from fractal design, but the gap between the vertical slots and the tempered glass seem pretty little, so if I bought a beefier card in the future, something like a 2070S strix or aorus ed, would you think that it will fit?

My GPU is in process of RMA right now, if you were wondering where it was. It's a strix 1060 6gb, it had faulty LED-s. (yes I RMA-d it for its LED-s, it's important for me ok?)