Question Need help with build

Aug 29, 2021
Hi y’all!
i am new to building pc’s. Yesterday I started with my first build and I ran into some problems. So I had the cooler master rgb fan hub, but it was just to complicated so I’m gonna return it. I now am looking for a new argb hub. I already have an rpm hub from the brand Arctic. Now my question is: does the argb hub have to be from the same brand or can I just order a random argb hub. And when I do so, do I need to use the software of my hubs or the software of my fans. Also, I am using the cooler mast mf120 halo fans and the fans have 2 argb wires (male and female). Do I need to use the female and male wire or just one of them to make sure the argb works.

Now last but not least. I have the nzxt kraken x53 for my cpu, but I’m not using the nzxt fans (I’m using the cooler master fans like I mentioned before) and one cable just doesn’t fit in anything. Ther is one SATA cable, one usb cable, one pump cable and then another one that I just can’t figure out. The instructions tell me to use another cable and then connect it to the fans, but I’m not using the NZXT fans. I don’t know if I can just not plug it in anything. Can someone with the same issue please explain all this to me? :) I’m sorry for the amount of questions, I just wanna do everything right. Have a nice day!