Question Need help with choosing GPU

Mar 31, 2019
Right now Im thinking of building a Gaming PC but I still cant decide what GPU I should buy. I've read somewhere that the XFX RX590 Fatboy was a good card. Im just wondering, is it really that good or are there other better options I should consider getting. I'm looking for GPUs in the 200 - 350$± price range
Yeah, I wouldn't bother with an RX 590, since they tend to only be around 10% faster than an RX 580. For roughly the same price as an RX 590, you can currently get the recently released GTX 1660, which offers more performance and draws significantly less power under load, making it easier to cool. Or, if you want to pay more for some additional performance, there's the 1660 Ti, or the 2060 for more performance still. With the 1660 starting around $220, the RX 590 really needs to get under $200 to be worth considering.

As for Vega 56, it's similarly priced too close to the faster and more efficient RTX 2060, which performs closer to a Vega 64. These Vega cards are too expensive to manufacture for AMD to be competitive against Nvidia's latest offerings. AMD's next generation 7nm cards will likely once again make them competitive in this performance range, but those are likely still several months away from release. For now, AMD is only offering good value with the RX 580 and below.

In the US, I do see one model of Vega 56 on sale for $270 at the moment, which would be a rather good price for that level of performance, but the user review score of 2/5 based on 27 reviews for that particular model is not encouraging, with lots of people reporting instability on that version of the card, so I'm not sure that I would recommend that.
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