[SOLVED] Need help with connecting my Sony HT R3 speakers with LG 32 526 BPTA tv?

May 22, 2020

My sony speakers has HDMI Arc with Dolby audio support and came with a HDMI cable.

My LG TV supports dolby digital and DTS decoding. and has two HDMI ports, but I think none of them is HDMI ARC.
Hence, I think HDMI is not an option, as there's no ARC port in TV.

There is however digital optical port in TV and my speakers too, but optical cable is NOT included with my sony speakers.

I have two questions:

-> As my LG TV supports dolby digital deoding, do I really need HDMI connectivity to get the dolby experience with my Sony speakers and can I go with just optical connectivyt?
-> As optical cable (TOSLINK) is not included with my Sony speakers and I need to invest, what better options do I have instead of optical cable. Can I buy some thing like converters etc.

Actually, I am not sure if my TV really doesn't support ARC..the TV and speakers are in my dad's house and I am stuck somewhere else due to lock down and don't know for how long. As far as i tried to troubleshoot on call, it has no ARC feature. We tried connecting the HDMI port on rear panel of TV with HDMI Arc port of speakers, but there is no sound coming out of the speakers. Not sure if there is any setting need to be changed in TV.

Thank you.