Need help with decision on my 3rd console monitor


Sep 19, 2017
So, I'm currently in situation where I need to buy another monitor for my PS4 Pro and future consoles.

I have budget of around 520-550$, and I'm thinking of either buying normal monitor with 122hz , or 4k monitor 30"+ with 60hz

I didn't want to end up selling normal monitor after 1-2 years because of next-gen consoles, and wanted to utilize full graphic abilities of PS4 Pro. I simply wanted to future-proof my monitor, but buying 4k monitor with this specs seems like waste too.

Any advice ? what would you guys do in my place ?
PS4 runs max 60FPS but it is not running 60FPS on all games. Most of the games are capped @30 FPS.
(30 FPS caps is normal on consoles)
If you plan to buy a monitor/TV for a console, there is no need to go faster than 60Hz. It will be a waste of money.
A monitor can only display max so many FPS like the refresh rate.

4k for future is really a good idea but getting 4k with small size is not that good.
Get at least 32". The bigger the better.

If you are looking for a monitor to be used with a console, my tip:
1. 4k
2. as big as you can find and afford
3. 60Hz is ok. Faster refresh rate is not a must. If you want to go for TV, pay attention to the input lag.
4. Look for HDR capable Monitors/TVs, even if it is not the true HDR (there is no true HDR capable TVs yet). Get a monitor with, full array local dimming if you can afford it.
5. Get good picture quality and viewing angle, meaning: avoid TN. The TN speed is not that useful for consoles.

I am using Sony 55X850E for PS4. Me and a friend of mine are exchanging our consoles (PS4 and Switch) every now and then.
I tend to prefer my 55X850E instead of my XB270HU for the PS4.

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