Need help with drive imaging


Aug 16, 2006
I used Self Image to make an image of my XP installation (partion C) and stored it on partition I of a second HD. I wanted to make a second boot option of Windows using that image so I restored it to partition H of the second HD. Unfortunately I can't boot to the new installation even if I select that partition from the BIOS to boot up or detach the other HD. When my old Windows boots it always say my H needs to be checked for consistencys and runs scandisk.

Obviously I need to learn a couple things about imaging. I imagine one of the problems is that the new volume is labeled H and not C. Is there any way to change this?
I previously had a Vista installation on the volume and it was labeled C. It was a dual boot setup with XP and which ever OS booted was labeled C and the other boot partition labeled something else.

Another possible problem may be the Master Boot Record. Originally, I installed XP then Vista. So I still get the dual boot screen from Vista even though Vista has been wiped out. My XP boot.ini doesn't match what comes up on the dual boot screen.

So basically, I think I need a way to rename the H volume to C without interfering with my XP installation and to update the Master Boot Record to reflect my current situation. Can this be done?

On a side note, when restoring an image, does the partition it's being restored to have to be the same size as the original? I don't think that's an issue in the case, because they're both showing up as 60 gig in My Computer, unless maybe the partition was originally a different size and restoring the image changed it?