Question Need help with external connectivity from motherboard

May 13, 2020
Hey guys,
So I'm building a special build in a box from wood
Sized: 1meter width, 30cm height and 20cm depth. With a tempered glass upfront.
So I've ordered all the hardware:
Ryzen 5 1400
Gigabyte B450 Aorus M
And the rest i think does matter for this issue.

So i need to make external on/off switch and external connectivity (hdmi, usb, ethernet).
I wanted to make sure those fit.
So i found this on amazon for the on/off button.

And this for connectivity of the HDMI, USB, ETHERNET

Now i see the docking station is through a type C connection which sadly the motherboard does not have.
Question is if i can use an adapter for the type C through a usb 3 connection?
Will it work?
Also i need the HDMI to transfer 4k60hz.

I need to order from amazon only because of time frame.
May 13, 2020
Have you got a PC front panel and wiring that you can use? This would make it simpler.
Are you also using the motherboard back I/O panel?
Oh yeah that would've made it much easier, sadly i don't have any.
No I'm not using the back I/O Panel.

Honestly now that I'm thinking about it,
I could just buy that power button from amazon (the first link i posted) it already has usb ports.
And I'll just add 1 hdmi male to female
And one ethernet male to female.

It could work right?