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Question Need help with fan setup

Jun 4, 2020

my specs are:
Ryzen 2600
b450-m aorus
gtx 1660
16gb vengence ram
600w psu
case MS BLACK WIDOW (https://ms-start.com/en/ms-black-widow-midi-tower-ultra-silent-pro-gaming-case.aspx ) here is a link since its not a popular case.
have a 256 gb ssd, and 1 tb hdd for games.
So i have played a lot of newer titles and the pc works okay and the temps are fine, i also did a stress test as soon as i bought the pc to check.
Now the question i have is that i have 5 full spots with fans, 2 filtered intakes (2x120), 2 filtered top fans (2x140mm) also intakes, and one exhaust (120mm), the pc came with 3 fans, 2 intakes and 1 exhaust and i bought 2 more fans and figured out its best to have them as intakes up the top to get positive pressure in the case, and i have put all the fans to smart mode, and im thinking is it good to have 4 intakes and 1 exhaust or i should change something up, the situation is tough cuz i dont have any slots for a fan on bottom, and if i put the two fans that are on the top to exhaust, im gonna have 2 intakes (F) and 3 exhausts which will get me negative pressure.

Does anyone have any recomendations to switch something up or should i just leave it as it is ?
Thanks in advance.