Question Need help with fixing issues related to booting windows


Nov 30, 2017
I’ve always had issues with booting + windows, and now I think I need some help from somebody who know actually knows how to fix my issue.

first off, whenever I press f12 to access the boot menu (Gigabyte ab350 gaming 3) aside from the normal there are usually 10 or more options labeled just “hard drive” and I have no idea where they’ve come form. I know in the past I’ve messed up my drives and partitions with broken installations of kali Linux but this has been an issue for much longer

second of all, I’ve never found a working way to make the windows boot manager be on the correct disk and boot the correct disk. For example, a long time ago I had windows boot manager on a disk I wanted to remove but couldn’t because without it I couldn’t boot into the other disk with windows.

Another issue that I have is that the option I use to boot into windows in the boot menu doesn’t have a label, but still brings me into windows.

my current issue is that I have no way to boot into windows after attempting to create boot data on a separate drive using easybcd. The windows boot manager that I used (the blank label) to get into windows was longer in my boot menu or bios and I am now stuck on a windows installation usb and need a way to create boot files from the command line built in

So basically I need to create windows boot manager from the installation media command prompt so I can boot back into windows. I also have to find a way to move the windows boot manager onto the correct disk and have it boot to the right drive with windows

If you need more information then let me know