Question Need help with fluctuating internet problems

Apr 15, 2021
Hello! My internet has been doing great for a couple of months when all of a sudden for the past week my internet seems to have been fluctuating. I have 5GHz ethernet connection and I have had great internet but all of a sudden around last week my internet would start disconnecting or become extremely slow (both wired and wireless Wi-Fi) to the point where it was unusable but than would go back to normal after a few hours and it has been like this for the past week (switching from good internet to unusable or disconnected internet). I checked the drivers update on the router and it is up to date, changed the ethernet cables not much happened, restarted both modem and router and disconnected devices that don't need Wi-Fi but nothing really seemed to change I went onto google and YouTube to see what the problem was but couldn't find a solution (Also don't think it is a problem with my PC because all the other devices also seem to disconnect from the Wi-Fi or get heavily impacted by the internet and than go back to normal also). I am also wondering if it isn't a problem with my Router but it is a problem with my Modem maybe? Any recommendations would be appreciated! Also if I left something out please let me know! Thank you :D