Need help with GFX card upgrade


May 12, 2012
So here is my Rig.

i7-970 6 core 12 thread cpu
16Gb of Ripjaw ram ddr3 1600
Running a solid state ssd for my games and OS
Sabertooth x58 motherboard

Where I am feeling the itch to upgrade and where I am bottlenecking is my graphics cards.

I have two GTX 460 768mb cards in SLI. Was a great deal back when I bought them.
I have them both OCd to the max but that memory and bandwidth on the memory is what I feel needs a change.
I have a 1080p 28 inch lcd monitor that I run all my games at 1920 x 1200

Now being a student the newer cards like the GTX 670+ and the 7970 are just out of my price range. Even the 7950 is a bit pricy for me at the moment.

So my question is:

Would a 7870 be a noticable upgrade? I have heard you can OC the 7870 to stock 7950 speeds thought the bandwidth isnt as high on the memory. Should I upgrade to a 7870 and then eventually get another one for xfire? Or hold out and try to save more money and get a 7950?