Question Need Help With Internet Connection Using Linksys E5600

Jul 13, 2021
Hi all, i just installed Linksys E5600 router so i can use the wifi 5 connection since my old modem is not capable of dual band. After done setting the router my old modem become bridge mode (this is done by the ISP). First problem occur is i can't detect any 5Ghz wifi ,only 2,4Ghz is available, i try to contact Linksys customer chat and they asked me to change the channel for both 2,4Ghz & 5Ghz and problem solved. The connection is good as expected, playing online games is stable no lagging but suddenly next problem occured.

When i opened some apps on my phone it said no internet connection meanwhile at the same time i am playing online games and it doesn't get disconnected. I also ping to google and there is no RTO. I have to wait 5-15 sec and the apps is back online. This event occur randomly. Besides that i also can't open any picture or video sent to my whatsapp and i also can't sent them but i can chat with no issue. Seems like there is certain thing got no connection and others got.

I had contact Linksys customer support several times and they seems don't know the answer to this problem since they keep asking me to reset the router and i did it but the problem is still there.

Before i install the router, this issue is not happened. Everything is normal.

What i had done to try solve the issue:
  • reset router
  • update the firmware
  • turnoff firewall on router
  • turnoff either 2,4Ghz or 5Ghz broadcast
  • call my ISP to reset the connection
And all of that is not working. Really appreciate if there are solutions can be advised to me for this issue.

Thank you.

Sounds like a DNS issues.

On your pc go to the IPv4 settings and manually set the dns to While you are in the network settings screens also disable IPv6, not likely this problem but IPv6 causes strange issues at times.

If this works you can ether try to find the setting in the phone to do the same or you can try to change the DHCP settings in your linksys router. By default the linksys router will give your PC its own IP address and then act as a proxy to the ISP dns server. There should be a way to force the linksys router to give you end devices You can also use the first is google and the second in cloudflare.