Need help with la cie rugged external drive error


Dec 1, 2011
My friend has a La cie rugged external drive that has a 250 gb capacity. I believe it's a mac osx formatted drive and uses it with mac. He also has a win 7 pc and tried to use it with windows. It came up but couldn't be used. I thought at the time it was fat 32. I went into disk management on win 7 and tried to get it to be used but did not format or mess with his files. Anyway it still won't come up on win and now mac osx says it has an error on the drive.

How can I recover the files if the drive is bad? Or is there a way to get it to respond to mac osx like before if the drive is still good? My thought is that it went bad. But he REALLY needs the stuff on the drive.