Question Need help with laptop keyboard input lag


Oct 1, 2017

I have an Asus TUF Gaming F15 FX506LU laptop. I have been using it for half a year now, and it worked fine. Started 1 week ago, I noticed input lag from my keyboard only (mouse works fine). It feels like this: When I moving my character in game, very often my character will take few more extra steps after I already released the movement keys. It's very obvious and annoying, especially bad for competitive gaming.

I tested it out with this website, and I can see the delays. These were the numbers came up when I tried to tap "w" keys repeatively:
  • w: 513ms - w: 207ms - w: 95ms - w: 304ms - w: 172ms - w: 164ms - w: 57ms
I tested another laptop on this website and the numbers came out very consistent, and they stay below 100ms most of the time. I also tried to plug-in an external keyboard into this laptop, and the number came out consistent too. Therefore, it's the build-in keyboard on this laptop's problem.
I already tried many way to fix this but nothing working, like:
  • Update/uninstall keyboard driver
  • Troubleshooting keyboard
  • Update/Reroll Nvidia driver
  • Run sfc scannow
  • run dism checkhealth and scanhealth
  • Full scan with Avast Premium Security
  • I even upgraded my windows from version 21H1 to 21H2
Anyone has any idea how to fix this problem? or I have to reinstall windows or factory reset it? :(