[SOLVED] Need help with Linux driver support for a usb wifi dongle

Hello. I recently have installed lubuntu on a usb drive and am booting from it on my laptop. I have a broken motherboard connector that makes my internal wifi card nonfunctional. I am using a very cheap CUDY branded dual band usb wifi dongle using a realtek chipset. It works pretty well for my main computer. I am having a problem getting wifi to work.
Problem 1)
My wifi dongle is recognised in linux as a cd drive containing a driver installer exe file. On windows running the exe file makes the cd disapear and the pc connects to the internet. Since I can't run the files in linux i have no way to use wifi. How can i fix this?
I have a windows xp virtual machine running in vitutalbox on the lubuntu bootable usb stick. The drivers on the usb adapter are compatable with xp. Could i install the internet into the vm using this?