[SOLVED] Need help with Logitech Mouse not working after water exposure


Oct 3, 2011
  1. Its a G700 Mouse and it started to double click.. I was frusterated (did not know it was a known manufacturing issue)
  2. I decided to open it up to clean, then I sparayed some cheap cleaning agent made for electronics, It said " Evaporates quickly, Leaves no residue".. I Left it for an hour.
  3. Put it together, then plugged it in, It was blinking red instead of a steady green light and the curser does not move at all.
  4. I discoverd that actually all the buttons worked except for this issue..
  5. Opened it up again and upon closer inspection, I discovered WATER RESIDUE
  6. Kept blowing it with the hair dryer and put it in rice for 2 days..
  7. Then I put it together and plugged it in.. still same symptoms :(
SO What Does That Mean guys?.. Did I fry the Laser Sensor?
If so, Is there any way I can repair it cheaply instead of buying a new mouse?