Question Need help with Low Profile Video Card Upgrade, HP Slimline Model 270-p024


Nov 13, 2017
Hi everyone!
I am planning on adding a Video Card to my HP Slimline, Model 270-p024 & I am looking for some suggestions. It has an expansion slot of One PCI-E x16 socket

It has a 180 PSU, I was wondering if a low profile card would make such a difference vs the integrated graphic card It owns.

I work with photoshop and illustrator & I also play games such as GW2 & Pugb lite. I am currently using a setup of two monitors and I would like to add another one, which would really speed up my work at certain times.

I have read that the card that fits this hp case is a MSI Nvidia GeForce GT 1030, but these threads are 1~3 years old.

Thinking longterm, I am not sure if there's something newer that would fit this small case better or if a GT 1030 would be my best choice.

I am currently looking into this one GT 1030: the one people have installed in this same setup. However, I read somewhere that I should get the DDR5 version which is faster. But I read it is PCI Express x8, could I fit it into my PCI-E X16 socket?

I would love to hear other people's thoughts on this! I am really a newbie in this matter.

Thanks in advance!
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Mar 11, 2020
Hi Sasmonlinesite,

My computer is hp Slimline 270-p026 which as almost same as yours.

I installed the GT 1030 since last year and its performance is very well and steady. You also could add one more 8 GB memory to become duo channel that will make your computer faster to handle the Photoshop and other Adobe softwares.

The GT 1030 DDR5 version is much better than DDR4 verison and they are totally fine to install into your PCI-E X16 slot.

If you want to keep updating your hardware. There is two choice for you:
A more powerful UPS or A new motherboard and case.

I was trying to update my UPS from 180W to 300W so that I could use a GTX 1050ti LP or new LP graphic card which is much powerful than GT 1030. However I find the UPS is stack into the case by someway I could not take it out. If you find any methods to replace the UPS plase tell me.

Hoping these could help you.