Question Need Help with M5A97 R2.0 DRAM LED that's solid red


Jan 16, 2017
I updated my BIOS yesterday through the Asus Uefi BIOS utility to version 2603 using the cap file from their official site and everything was fine until this morning. I did this because my USB 3.0 ports weren't working and the I was on BIO's version from 2014. After the update they actually started working. Now after the update my pc either fails to boot BIOS and the DRAM LED lights up a solid red. Or it actually boots BIOS but it sends me to a screen that says my overclocking failed ( View:
Here's a pic).

I tried going to the Ai tweaker of the Uefi utility but whenever I click it the whole things freezes. It's about a 50/50 but when I am able to reach the Uefi Utility screen I can force a normal boot and actually turn on the pc but of course something is still wrong. I don't believe it's RAM given it ran fine directly before the BIOS update. So now I'm here... any help would be appreciated please and thank you.

EDIT: I might try downgrading the BIOS back down to 2601 or the 2014 version I used to be on that I backed up because that seems to work for a lot of people but I'm not sure
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